Rozelle Interchange

December 6 2023

We always appreciate kind words. Thank you, Fulton Hogan!

“Words like dedication, tenacity, and camaraderie come to one’s mind when describing the Evolution Civil Maintenance (ECM) team. ECM had an exceptionally successful night assisting FHE with the opening of Rozelle Interchange (RIC). ECM was tasked with the undertaking of removing kilometres of traffic separators that have been installed and repositioned over the past couple of weeks by ECM (with certain sections trickling through from the installation we completed over 2 years ago in the M4-M8 link of WCX).

Even with the stakes set so high and such a critical opening deadline, the team came together as one to remove an estimated 45-plus tonnes of temporary traffic separators well ahead of target, leaving plenty of time to spare!

All parties involved worked together to seamlessly deliver the task at hand. A big shout out to the FHE team, especially Matt & Sean, for being such a great support throughout the entire opening period. From the first night through to opening night, you have been side by side with the ECM team. Assisting with work wherever possible. Another successful opening night completed by the ECM team."

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